Efficient, Gentle & Reliable


FuGENE® knows how important the high efficiency and gentle DNA transfection of your cells is to your research & production. For 25 years we have led the way with our broad-spectrum DNA transfection reagents.  Whether it’s for life science research, the production of antibodies, proteins, and viruses, or for groundbreaking therapeutic needs. FuGENE® has you covered with our innovative Transfection Reagents.

FuGENE® HD DNA Transfection


FuGENE® HD is a next-generation, multi-component transfection reagent designed for the delivery of DNA into more challenging eukaryotic and insect cell lines.  FuGENE® HD interacts with nucleic acids and provides efficient and safe entry into the cell, thus allowing users to overcome barriers in difficult-to-transfect lines such as primary cells, stem cells, and suspension cells. Its straightforward and quick protocol allows users to free up valuable lab time.


FuGENE® 6 DNA Transfection


FuGENE® 6 DNA Transfection Reagent is the original multi-component lipid-based transfection reagent invented by Fugent LLC. for delivery of DNA of all sizes into most eukaryotic cell lines.  It offers high-efficiency transfection with extremely low toxicity in over 800 cell lines. FuGENE® 6 saves time and resources due to minimal reagent preparation, media changes & optimization, and is very cost-effective for budget-conscious labs.


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